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Last update 4/16/2010

Michigan Witches Ball 2010

I am very excited to be a sponsor for this great event! To find out more about one of Michigan's best parties, click the link above.

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Don't worry, friends, it's still me behind the scenes!

I've added a new section called

Gods, Heroes, and a Couple of Regular Guys:
Corbin's Tall Tales

When I create a new piece
of design work, it often happens that they come, much like a baby with a silver spoon in it's mouth, bearing a story. Unfortunately, when I sell a piece, the story is sometimes lost with it. I've decided to collect these stories into a section all
their own, for your enjoyment.

Enjoy them!

Don't forget to click on the BLUE WORDS anywhere on this site to enter
new worlds of mythic imagination.

Gallery of Original Hand Printed Woodcuts

IMPORTANT NOTE: All images are copy written by B. de Corbin and/or Splendid Fish Studio. B. de Corbin and Splendid Fish Studio give you express permission to use the art within this site for your own, personal, non-commercial purposes, provided the copy write notice is displayed with the artwork. If you use one or more of these pieces on a web page, you must include a link to the home page of this site. You may not use the art, or any part of any piece of art from these pages, to create any product which will be sold, or used to promote or advertise any product or service involving payment or barter.

If in doubt as to where your intended use falls within this description, please contact me for clarification. Acquiring any of this art in any way indicates your agreement with these terms.

In this section I am offering original signed art for sale. It is the same art as I am giving away for free.

Why buy it if you can have it for free?

I dunno.

I, myself, like the original art because, well, it's original. But then, I get it for free. I have to make the originals in order to give you a free copy. So maybe you'll buy one just to say thanks. Or maybe you'll fork out a little cash just because you'd like to own an original piece of art, and these are the only ones you can afford. Or maybe you'll send me a check because you're a gambler and you want to place a little bet that, sometime before you die, the art you buy will go way up in value (it's a low-risk investment. True, the odds of it paying off are low, but the cost of the art is low as well. If you don't believe me, check around on the internet to see how much is being charged for mass-produced reproductions which unscrupulous dealers are pawning off as "original prints" or "collector's prints." Even a Van Gogh printed in an edition of 5000 will never be worth more that the value of his signature alone, assuming, of course, that he actually signed it.).

But, given a choice, I would prefer you to buy an original because you really, really like it.

These are all woodcuts. By printing them in tiny numbered editions of only twenty copies I can sell them for a relatively low price and still make nearly minimum wage.

I stack the prints in numerical order. The first one printed and sold is numbered 1, the second is numbered 2, etc. Some print collectors want to get as close to the number 1 print as possible, so the lower numbers might, for some people, be more valuable. Honestly, however, in an edition as small as twenty, I can't see why number 7 would be of more value than number 18. But I still sell them in that order, so if it matters to you, order early.

And no, you can't pay extra to get a lower numbered print. That wouldn't be fair. I hate that thing where people with more money think they ought to get special treatment. Sure, I could use your money, but I don't want it badly enough to kiss yer ass...

..ah, uhmm, well, never mind.

Here, then, they are.

Oh yeah. P.S. - If you want to look at any of these in a larger size, go to the free art woodcut pages and click on the thumbnails there.

NOTE: As of April 17, 2009, I will be selling only through my Etsy shop. Please follow this link to check availablitlity: www.splendidfish.etsy.com

free art - woodcut - Early Bird & Worm
free art - woodcut - Caged Bird
free art - woodcut - Crocodile (with Tears)
free art - woodcut - Red Goldfish
free art - woodcut - Armadillo
free art - woodcut - Red Dragon
The Early Bird and the Worm
Original image size: 5" X 7.5"
Available through my Etsy shop
Crocodile (With Tears)
Original image size: 5" X 7.5"
Available through my Etsy shop
Red Goldfish
Original image size: 8" X 6"
Available through my Etsy shop
Original image size: 9" X 6.5"
Available through my Etsy shop
Red Dragon
Original image size: 5" X 4.5"
Available through my Etsy shop
Third Page
Fourth Page
Original image size: 5" X 7.5"
Available through my Etsy shop