The Police Thing

Again, I’m kidding about the police thing. Let’s face it – they do a hard job and get very little respect – until someone ends up begging them for help, then they get blamed for not being there. The fact that people tend to treat them so badly sometimes causes them to develop poor attitudes.

If you’re one of those people who get in the officer’s face every time you get pulled over for doing 60 mph down a residential street, please be aware that you’re ruining it for the rest of us, and we don’t appreciate it. Try some politeness and respect. See if it helps. If you were to curse at me when I ask you to follow the rules of my house you would discover an “attitude” that would make the police look like a bunch of grannies.

The police are also accused of being ineffective because, despite the fact that we have them, crimes still occur.

Jesus, people! Get your head out of your hind end! The police can’t do much until a crime has been committed! Then they get to do the mopping up. Doesn’t help the victim very much, what with his or her brains smeared all over the street, but at least it helps get some of the wolves out of the flock.

Child, unless you want to grant them enormous Nazi-like powers, there will always be crime and violence because there will always be wolves prowling for unattended sheep. And only an idiot grants enormous Nazi-like powers to anyone, for any purpose.

I look out my door. Where’s the police officer who is supposed to be baby-sitting me and my family?

Not there.


Do I really want to see a cop every time I look out back? Do you?

Fling the wool from off thine eyes, oh thou sheep, the shepherd is busy tracking down wolves. Better yet, be not a sheep thyself. When a man striketh thee upon thy cheek, know, oh thou who dares to shineth so brightly, that he hast struck others before thee, and he will strike others after thee. Turn not thy other cheek. Grasp him firmly by the wrist, pivot rapidly upon the balls of thy feet, and breakest thou his arm.

Then call the police.


Copyright 2010 B. de Corbin and Splendid Fish Studio