Three Riddles of Identity
from The Book of Lost Words

Riddle number 1

“I am the one who asks the question
which cannot be answered.
I am the question.
I am the answer to that question.
Who am I?”

Riddle number 2

“I am the fourteenth part of Osiris.
I was eaten by the fish.
Isis made me.
I begat Horus.

I am Osiris,
I am the fish,
I am Isis,
I am Horus.

Who am I?”

Riddle number 3

“Once there was a man who inherited a great treasure from his father and mother. Since the man lived in dangerous times, he feared that this treasure would be stolen, so he converted it into a single gem of great price. He was right to fear, because the wild ones, hearing of his inheritance, decided to steal the treasure.

When the man saw the wild ones approaching he hid the gem by swallowing it. The wild ones grabbed hold of the man and demanded the treasure. The man told them he had thrown it in the sewer.

For some reason this answer did not please the wild ones, so they killed the man and threw his body on a dung pile.

I am the dung pile.
I am the man.
I am the gem of great price.
I am the wild ones.
Who am I?”


Copyright 2010 B. de Corbin and Splendid Fish Studio