Dance As Shiva Dances

Shiva, who meditates and creates.

Shiva, who dances and destroys.

Shiva, the creator. Shiva the destoyer. His heart rests, and the world comes into being. His heart beats, and the world is destroyed.

This is life.

Life is the forever flux and flow between creation and destruction. The living move from moment to moment, destroying what was, and creating what will be, like a great wave that travels into the future, washing away the accumulated dust and filth, along with the gold and jewels.

What was - the beauty, the awe, the terror - is trampled under the rhytmic beat of the dancer, ground into dust, the dust packed smooth, and the foundation lain for new structures. What is - the beauty, the awe, the terror - is perperutally built anew on the cleared feild of the dancer who, when he dances again, will, in turn, destroy that, too.

Nothing is built so strong, so majestic, so perfect that it will not fall - not now, not ever.

Eternity is dynamic. Only the dead are static. Only the dead are still.

Creation and destruction are in the beating of the heart. Each heartbeat changes all that went before, and builds what is yet to come, which lasts only until the next heartbeat destroys the past to build a new future.

We, the living, build and detroy because we are the living. The dead don't matter.

Know this, you who shineth like a star in the dark of the night!

Dance with me as Shiva dances. Destroy all that was that we may build anew on a solid foundation, and rejoice.

Rejoice in the deep knowedge that all we built, as beautiful and wonderful, and terrible as it is, will be destroyed by those who follow us, who will build something new, and wonderful, and terrible which we will never see or understand.

This is the dance of Shiva. This is the dance of the living. This is our dance.


Copyright 2010 B. de Corbin and Splendid Fish Studio