Ass Kissing

I am, of course, speaking of a donkey-like animal. The truth is, only an ass should kiss an ass. See James Stephens' remarkable novel The Demi-Gods for an excellent description of ass-kissing, which occurs in an appropriate context.

I am also reminded of Apuleius' delightful tale The Golden Ass, and its description of ass kissing in an inappropriate context. Since reading that text I will admit I have been a little more circumspect in my relations with women. You never know when some apparent babe will give you the wrong stuff, and then, well, there you go, running off on all fours. On the other hand, what one learns may well be worth the experience. At least now I always make sure there are roses in the garden. Just in case.

The Golden Ass ends with one of the most enchanting visions I have ever run across in all of literature. That particular vision has had quite an impact on my work - see the poem "Quiet Prayer," and various pictures sprinkled throughout this site. All the women portrayed are her, in one way or another.

I recommend the translation by that bad old pagan poet of yesteryear, Robert Graves.

Oh, if you find you can't handle The Golden Ass itself, try Silverlock by John Myers Myers. This marvelous book contains an interesting version of the ass story, and is well worth reading even if you have read the original. It is one of those books that will take hold of you and force you to force in on all your friends, many of whom will then start to avoid you.

Those who don't will thank you forever.


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