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Last update 4/16/2010

Michigan Witches Ball 2010

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I've added a new section called

Gods, Heroes, and a Couple of Regular Guys:
Corbin's Tall Tales

When I create a new piece
of design work, it often happens that they come, much like a baby with a silver spoon in it's mouth, bearing a story. Unfortunately, when I sell a piece, the story is sometimes lost with it. I've decided to collect these stories into a section all
their own, for your enjoyment.

Enjoy them!

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The Wyvern People

Copyright 2010 - B. de Corbin and Splendid Fish Studio

The Wyvern People

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The Wyvern Cult - or, more correctly, The Wyvern People - hovers around the edges of recorded history in much the same way as an assassin hovers around the end of a dark hallway. We have a vague premonition of something, something ominous, but of what we can’t exactly be certain.

What little we do know is this: At some time around 835 - 868 A.C.E., in the windswept and stony regions of North Western Europe, uneasy rumors began spreading of a new people who, it was said, “Came from the west.” Occasionally a bit of worked metal or decorated cloth would be displayed, and the proud owner would claim it had come from The Wyvern People, and claim that it conferred strange powers. Little, if any of this material survives today, largely due to a genocidal war launched against these unknown people for unknown reasons by the warlords of neighboring regions. This took place some time in 1285 or thereabouts, and whatever the conquering armies brought back with them is lost in the unindexed footnotes of time.

Except this cuff bracelet.

According to the story I heard, there were once seven sacred artifacts, although this is the only known artifact to survive intact (the other six were supposed to be a spear, a large silver bowl, a knife, a carved piece of wood, and an engraved flat slab of green stone). The rumor is that, if the seven sacred artifacts are ever brought together again, the Great Wyvern will arise from it’s home in a cave below the earth to do battle with the disgusting ogre of ignorance. I believe this to be a symbolic reference to TV, but I may be wrong. What do I know? I’m just a guy who makes jewelry.

In fact, this whole story may be made up. But what is certainly true is that this is a unique piece...