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Michigan Witches Ball 2010

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I've added a new section called

Gods, Heroes, and a Couple of Regular Guys:
Corbin's Tall Tales

When I create a new piece
of design work, it often happens that they come, much like a baby with a silver spoon in it's mouth, bearing a story. Unfortunately, when I sell a piece, the story is sometimes lost with it. I've decided to collect these stories into a section all
their own, for your enjoyment.

Enjoy them!

Don't forget to click on the BLUE WORDS anywhere on this site to enter
new worlds of mythic imagination.


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free art - drawing - He Woke Up
free art - drawing - Erotic Flower
free art - drawing - Fish with Pearl
free art - drawing - Scallop Line Art
free art - drawing - Fish Dingbat
He Woke Up
Original size: 4.5" X 9.5"
Print portrait
Note: This one, as you can see, is not at all in my usual style. However, the style must meet the purpose of the art, and this one was use to illustrate another (surprise!) fish poem. If you read the poem you will understand why I used this style.
Scallop Line Drawing
Original size: 5" X 5"
Print portrait
Not the most interesting of all possible titles. The fact is that this is nothing more than a little picture, and conveys not particular meaning, other than what it is.
Fish with Pearl
Original size: 3.75" X 3.75"
Print portrait
This is a drawing I did back whan I was originally fishing around for a loge, but I decided not to use it. Maybe you have some use for it?
Erotic Flower
Original size: 7.5" X 4.5"
Print landscape
This is just something I doodled in an idle moment. No particular reason why I call it "Erotic Flower," except that it seems kind of dirty in a Georgia O'Keefe kind of way.
Fish Dingbat
Original size: 5.25" X 3.25"
Print landscape
"Dingbat" is the technical term for a decorative but otherwise meaningless image used by old time typesetter to fill in space in a line of type. That's basicly what this is - just a decoration, without any other particular meaning.
free art - drawing - The Lady of the Water
The Lady of the Water
Original image size: 21" X 16"
Print landscape
Note: Oh looky - here she is again. This time she matted and framed so that the nice deckled edge of the paper shows. I feel that this adds a lot to the picture, so I am including it here as well. You, of course, are free to cut it off if you want to.