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Last update 4/16/2010

Michigan Witches Ball 2010

I am very excited to be a sponsor for this great event! To find out more about one of Michigan's best parties, click the link above.

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I've added a new section called

Gods, Heroes, and a Couple of Regular Guys:
Corbin's Tall Tales

When I create a new piece
of design work, it often happens that they come, much like a baby with a silver spoon in it's mouth, bearing a story. Unfortunately, when I sell a piece, the story is sometimes lost with it. I've decided to collect these stories into a section all
their own, for your enjoyment.

Enjoy them!

Don't forget to click on the BLUE WORDS anywhere on this site to enter
new worlds of mythic imagination.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All images are copy written by B. de Corbin and/or Splendid Fish Studio. B. de Corbin and Splendid Fish Studio give you express permission to use the art within this site for your own, personal, non-commercial purposes, provided the copy write notice is displayed with the artwork. If you use one or more of these pieces on a web page, you must include a link to the home page of this site. You may not use the art, or any part of any piece of art from these pages, to create any product which will be sold, or used to promote or advertise any product or service involving payment or barter.

If in doubt as to where your intended use falls within this description, please contact me for clarification. Acquiring any of this art in any way indicates your agreement with these terms.

On this page you will find a variety of drawings, most of which involve the use of pen and ink. The classic dip pen, where a pen is dipped into a jar of India ink, allows me to go crazy on intricate details. The thickness of the line can be varied by the particular pen tip used. Some are thicker than others, while some (such as the steel tips called "crow quills" or "hawk quills") are flexible and allow me to vary the thickness of the line by varying the pressure I put on the pen. I can make lines thick enough to be measured by a ruler (about 1/64th) or as thin as a hair.

Another technique I like is to add color to a line drawing by the use of either water colors or colored pencils. Colored pencils give me great control over exactly what I want the colors to do, while watercolors are a bit more spontaneous and slightly unpredictable. Here you will find those pieces colored with pencil. Those colored with watercolors are on the painting page.

You might be interested to know that some of these drawings were done to illustrate manuscript (hand written) books of my poetry. When that is the case, the link that takes you to the downloadable art will also take you to the poem. Feel free to download the art and the poem, download the art and read the poem, download the art and ignore the poem, read the poem and ignore the art, or ignore both the art and the poem. I suppose you could download either and then burn it in contempt, but that seems like a weird activity and probably indicates some sort of mental aberration. If you find yourself doing this more than occasionally, seek the expert advice of a mental health professional.

As with the woodcuts, I would suggest that you use a textured resume paper. Stay away from colored papers for anything other than an uncolored line drawing. Those drawings which are done strictly in black ink on white paper often look good on the parchment-like papers usually sold in office supply stores. On the other hand, if there is any color on the drawing at all, it is best to go with a white paper so as not to darken or distort the colors in the picture.

In the description below each thumbnail I will give the original size of the drawing. In most cases the size of the original is the same as the size of the copy you will download, which should fit on a standard sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper.

Fourth Page
Fifth Page
free art - drawing - Storm in Arcadia
free art - drawing - Vine
free art - drawing - The Lady
free art - drawing - The Lovers
free art - drawing - The High Priestess
free art - drawing - The Magician
Storm in Arcadia
Original image size: 8" X 10.75"
Print portrait
The Vine
Original image size: 8" X 11"
Print portrait
The Lady
Original image size: 4.5" X 5"
Print portrait
VI: The Lovers
Original image size: 4.25" X 6.25"
Print portrait
Note: Most likely you recognize this as a design based on a tarot card.
II: The High Preistess
Original image size: 4.25" X 6.25"
Print portrait
Note: Again, another image based on a tarot card.
I: The Magician
Original image size: 4.25" X 6.25"
Print portrait
Note: Once again, another image based on a tarot card. This is the last of them. I couldn't quite handle doing all seventy-eight.