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They come from the water
and they bring strange dreams.

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Last update 4/16/2010

Michigan Witches Ball 2010

I am very excited to be a sponsor for this great event! To find out more about one of Michigan's best parties, click the link above.

All sales are now being handled through my Etsy shop: www.splendidfish.etsy.com
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Don't worry, friends, it's still me behind the scenes!

I've added a new section called

Gods, Heroes, and a Couple of Regular Guys:
Corbin's Tall Tales

When I create a new piece
of design work, it often happens that they come, much like a baby with a silver spoon in it's mouth, bearing a story. Unfortunately, when I sell a piece, the story is sometimes lost with it. I've decided to collect these stories into a section all
their own, for your enjoyment.

Enjoy them!

Don't forget to click on the BLUE WORDS anywhere on this site to enter
new worlds of mythic imagination.

Fantasy Jewelry and Artifacts
- Splendid Fish Studio -

Objects from the Dream World

All my work is available for purchase. If you are interested, please visit my retail site by clicking here:
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OH! And if you are at all interested in either metalwork or Alchemy, please check out my brand new Blog - Alchemy and Metalsmithing: Explorations in Alchemy and the Art of Metalsmithing

Welcome to the famous Splendid Fish Studio web site! Please take your shoes off, make yourself comfortable, and look around - there's plenty to see here.

I specialize in handmade, handcrafted, or hand forged jewelry which could be described as goth, steampunk, or pagan, but I prefer to just think of them all as Fantasy Artifacts. I work in a variety of media, but focus primarily on metalwork, using Sterling Silver, Copper, and Brass. Above you can see a small gallery of some of the pieces I have created, but you'll find many more by clicking on the links along the left hand side of this page.

White Egg Fantasy Bracelet
black Egg Fantasy Bracelet
Story Teller's Fantasy Bracelt
Alexander's All Seeing Eye Fantasy Necklace
Master Albrect's Infallible Amulet of Protection
The Second Seal Fantasy Necklace
Autumn Leaves Elvish Fantasy Necklace
The Bacchanalia Fantasy Necklace
The Gift of Evoline's Garden Fantasy Necklace
Leapard Copper Brooch
Ram's Horn Forged Copper Earrings
Rusty Steel Dragon Fantasy Earrings
The Glamour of Lady Vivian cased handcrafted jewelry set for 2010 Michigan Witches Ball
Special Feature!

The picture to the right shows a cased set of Sterling Silver neckpiece and earrings which I've made especially for The 2010 Michigan Witches Ball.

If you'd like to see a photo essay about the construction of this piece, and information about my Special Witches Ball Sale, click on the image.